Change is a Happenin’

Blog #1 in the Therapeutic Development Series. There’s a change happening in my practice. It started when I noticed that I wanted to learn how to therapeutically touch clients. My being started telling me that some people need touch to heal; that some people need talk and touch. At the same time, I was getting body work that catalyzed my ability to heal. It was about 6 months into receiving my first Core Synchronism session ….read on; illumination awaits….

Finding Yourself in Hard Times

Reading the news and having conversations with people in my life has inspired me to write this blog. When the larger society we are a part of is experiencing struggle, it can feel like the whole world is coming down around us. That is so difficult. What do we do? This blog is written for you, for me and for those who wish to enliven their love, compassion and highest good in this world. Within ….read on; illumination awaits….

Body as a Vehicle For Spirit part two

What does the statement “our body encapsulates our spirit” mean? When I think about this, I think about what spirit means to me and how this spirit is in my body. Spirit, to me, is the animating life force. The me that lights up my body; the me that feels the energy running up my spine when I write beautiful poetry or am embraced by my lover. The electricity that pumps from my heart outward ….read on; illumination awaits….

Yearnings of the Heart

Every heart has yearnings; and those yearnings are typically messy, Un-sophisticated, Un-wieldy and non-linear. Our hearts are full of poetry and when we live from the heart our life becomes poetry. Not buttoned-up, perfected, every thing in its place poetry; but our lives become the spontaneous, organic, dynamic, messy magic that poetry and heart are. I see heart when I watch someone releasing their pain with loved ones. Allowing the tears to carry the weight ….read on; illumination awaits….

Soul Shine

I had the experience yesterday of my soul shining. That’s the only way I can explain it; or the best way. Let me set the stage for you. I was in a therapy session. I initially brought up how my relationship with my partner is unfolding right now. I talked about the struggles we’ve had and how hard it has been to stay and to enjoy each other sometimes. I then said that I recently ….read on; illumination awaits….

How to Help Your Romantic Partner After Sexual Assault

My name is Erin and I’ve worked with survivors of sexual assault for over five years. I’v experienced sexual assault myself. I have told romantic partners about it, I have been believed and not believed. It is from these experiences that I write to you about helping your partner. Whether they are male or female, they need your support so much. We will talk about: safety, trauma, and a few tips to remember along the ….read on; illumination awaits….