Body as a Vehicle For Spirit part two

What does the statement “our body encapsulates our spirit” mean? When I think about this, I think about what spirit means to me and how this spirit is in my body. Spirit, to me, is the animating life force. The me that lights up my body; the me that feels the energy running up my spine when I write beautiful poetry or am embraced by my lover. The electricity that pumps from my heart outward and reminds me that I’m connected to the landscape around me; to the clouds, the land, the creatures and other humans.

Sometimes I get confused. I start to think that my pain is my true experience. Actually, may pain of rejection, of not being seen, of love lost…these are not my spirit. These experiences actually can become like scar tissue and prevent me from feeling my spirit, that calm, loving connection to…everything.

Could it be that the goal of being in this vehicle, this body, being human, is to feel pain & joy? Could it be, that we are supposed to feel all emotions, and interactions that make us painfully aware of our separateness; only to serve as ways to lead us back to our un-separateness? I don’t know the answers, but it seems worth my curiosity; the idea that there is this infinite omniscient, compassionate, loving energy. And that this energy forms humans to have the experience in a separate body, to feel pain, joy, love, kindness. That maybe this universal energy does this to allow my spirit to feel all of this and work through barriers to deep compassion, love, and kindness. So that, over time, I will one day return to the universal energy and be one with it, and contribute my thankfulness and wisdom concerning love and connection.

If we look at it this way, our body is encapsulating the universe. That universal energy that was once not separate. That love for everything. If this is true, it seems important that I treat my body with respect and compassion. That my vehicle is a key way to contact my spiritual self. This is why I go to the body so much in my therapy with clients. I want to be curious of how the body is affected. I am curious how the spirit is affected and what is in the way of connecting to the spirit and to others. Often, we can find a path with the body; a path connecting to the spirit; and a pathway through pain.



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