Finding Yourself in Hard Times

Reading the news and having conversations with people in my life has inspired me to write this blog. When the larger society we are a part of is experiencing struggle, it can feel like the whole world is coming down around us. That is so difficult. What do we do? This blog is written for you, for me and for those who wish to enliven their love, compassion and highest good in this world.

Within us lies our most precious gem…ourselves. Not our ego, not our mind, not our emotions, not our pain body. Our light that animates us and makes us feel alive; that there is someone inside at the wheel. The “operating system” that drives the ego, mind, emotions, pain body. The underlying wisdom that is us.

Often, we lose contact with this animating force.

This force connects us with our infinite wisdom, with universal love, some would call this God, Buddha consciousness. There are many names for this. We never need to go outside of ourselves to connect with this. It is inside of us, even if we have felt disconnected from it for some time or have never felt it.

This part of ourselves, which I will call the heart here, allows us to take right action. The heart is not judgmental. It is neutral. Right action is never jealous, envious, rude, snarky, hateful, it just is. Right action can feel direct and strong, but is it not forceful. When we go to our heart, we feel what right action is for us…and it may be surprising what we find! Our ego may think that we need to tell that or this person what we think and our view. When we connect with our heart, we may feel that we need to do something entirely different. We do not judge the other person, but we feel our truth and the truth of the moment. We may not forgive hate, but we know our right response to hate or hateful acts.

What can you do to connect with yourself, your heart, during times of societal struggle or personal struggle? Here’s a practice that is simple. Don’t let the simplicity fool your mind into thinking it must be harder.

Sit in a comfortable position, either in a chair or on the floor.

Notice the sensations in your feet.

Notice your bottom being supported by the floor or chair.

Imagine a cord, tree trunk, waterfall (whatever feels good for you) surrounding your waist.

Imagine this “grounding cord” to run from your waist into the middle of the earth. Even if you do not know what the middle of the earth looks like.

Imagine the colors of the grounding cord. (This allows the mind to engage with the exercise more)

Allow your body to feel heavy and relax wherever there is tension.

Hold the intention that whatever you would like to let go of or allow to move through you, can do so through your grounding cord (emotions, thoughts, sensations).

Connect with your heart. Know that whatever this means for you is right, don’t second guess yourself.

Your meditation will come to an end on its own, no need to time it. You will know when you are done.

You can practice this everyday. You will notice that you will start to become full of your heart. Your body will feel full with your light, love, with yourself. Your are so beautiful, connect with that.

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With Love,


P.S. credit must be given to a wonderful meditation teacher, Mary White, whom I am learning Heart Centered Meditation from. You can find out more about her at

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