Cultivating loving attention toward pain with a skilled practitioner creates sustainable change and personal freedom.


My unique approach

  • My three core values are: Love, Courage and Integrity. Love is important to me because it’s our connection with everything. It’s part of our basic life force. I believe that love is part of what we feel when the ego is out of the way and we are connected to our essence. Courage is important to me because we need it to do hard things. Integrity is important to me because when we have something hard to do, this keeps us from cutting corners, so that we can reach love.
  • I believe that our bodies are a vehicle for our spirit. It is our human right to feel safe, loved and seen as who we really are. When we feel these three things we are able to fully inhabit our vehicle and use it for transformation.
  • I’m trained in mindful awareness and use this to witness you and your pain with non-judgement and love.
  • I am nurturing, kind and present. I also have a warrior spirit and can cut through BS without being mean or hurtful.
  • My clients experience change and growth that comes from a combination of their drive and my facilitation.
  • I’m skilled at guiding clients through visualizations that positively affect the mind & body.
  • I’m a holistic practitioner, which means I will coordinate with your existing health practitioners or make appropriate referrals to support your mind, body, spirit and energy.

My Background

  • I majored in psychology at Georgia State University. My graduate degree is in Transpersonal Counseling Psychotherapy from Naropa University.
  • I’m a licensed Professional Counselor.
  • My graduate internship was at The Blue Bench, formerly known as the Rape Assistance and Awareness Program.
  • I have many years experience with community mental health work and crisis counseling. I am adept with both long term growth work and problem solving/safety planning during a crisis.
  • My teachers and supervisors describe me as gentle and fierce.


 A little about me…

I work with individuals on embodiment, releasing trauma and finding their true selves because I know what it feels like to be disconnected. I didn’t really know I was disconnected from my body, my true self until I started my own therapy while I was in graduate school. Once I graduated I continued therapy and found someone that did somatic counseling and Core Synchronism (though I didn’t know what Core was at that time).

Most of my relationships up until this point hugely suffered because of my inability to really trust people for long amounts of time. I couldn’t rest into relationships and trust that people would be there for me. My therapist began using Core Synchronism with me and I started to move through my traumas faster than ever. I started to feel longer and longer moments of connection to my deeper self. It is from this journey that I serve clients.

But here’s the thing; I’m not perfect. Hard things still  happen in my life. But you know what’s different?

My relationship to those hard times and how I handle them. My go to ways of handling hard times is no longer collapsing  into depression or pushing people away. I cannot offer complete joy, happiness, contentment, mirth, or that nothing hard will ever happen to you again. But I can offer ways to connect with yourself, release trauma and move forward in your healing so that your relationship to your struggles is different.