Movement & Pleasure

I just went on a walk outside my office during my lunch break. I noticed that there were lots of people running or jogging or biking.  A lot of the people running looked at their watches or seemed to be on some kind of mission. There were very few smiles and a whole lot of serious faces.  It reminds me of a yoga teacher that would instruct the class in advanced poses. She would give ….read on; illumination awaits….


Don’t Overlook the Dark In Search of the Light

In recent weeks the news and social media have been filled with the Supreme Court hearings and sexual assault news. I thought that I had “gotten past” my issues with sexual assault and that it wouldn’t upset me. I haven’t gotten overly stressed or upset to the point of not functioning, but it has brought up a couple of memories that I tried to forget.  This is a part of my life and includes information ….read on; illumination awaits….

be silent

Words as Medicine

Right now I’m in New Mexico for a Core Synchronism training. It’s raining outside today and so it’s a good time before training starts, to sit and record some thoughts and musings. Yesterday in class, the teacher, Robert Stevens, discussed Hand Medicine, as he calls it. Core Synchronism (Core), is designed for the practitioner to support the clients body to align with the spinal fluid. That’s the simplest way I can think to put it; ….read on; illumination awaits….


What my work as a crisis counselor & supervisor has taught me blog series: #2

The office I worked for has no limitations for ability to pay, so we often served individuals that were on the lower scale of economic income, homeless individuals and people who have experienced societal and systemic oppression. So what happens when psychotherapists or social workers meet with people who are suffering and in crisis? What happens when they do this day in and day out? When professionals are in the role of helper, often they experience ….read on; illumination awaits….


Interlude & Breathing Space

Hi everybody, today as I sit down to write and begin to ponder about continuing my crisis counseling blog series…I can’t. I can’t continue that series until I’ve addressed what has been happening in my world. It feels robotic and un-truthful to do that. I enjoy writing and feeling like this creates a relationship with those that choose to read my stuff.  I invite you to listen to music (if you can read and listen ….read on; illumination awaits….


What my work as a crisis counselor & supervisor has taught me blog series: #1

I began working as a crisis counselor after I graduated from my Masters’ program.This program did not teach me crisis counseling, but did prepare me with a strong foundation of being with people when they are in pain; which is a pretty strong foundation. So, I began this work open and ready to learn and grow. Because I was such a young clinician, this added to my foundation and  forever changed the way I will ….read on; illumination awaits….