“Erin Hernandez is a clinician who supervises with a brilliant balance of heart-centered analysis. Grounded in love with an ever-present radar for mindful intervention, Erin excels at helping new clinicians to grow their own expertise through engagement that is marked by organic leadership. As a crisis clinician, I was reluctant to express my needs for managing and recovering from vicarious trauma. While the process of exploring some of the more difficult edges of my professional boundaries was uncomfortable, Erin intervened with helpful information and exercises that exploited my love of learning while rooting our work together in the strong and easy rapport that she had already cultivated. In my experience, Erin is a conscientious gardener of the soul. I’ve been blessed with a few truly magnificent clinical supervisors and Erin is the one I think of when I need to nurture the tenderness of my clinical heart.” Beit Gorski

“My work with Erin has been life changing. She creates a safe, precious space to do deep trauma work. Erin’s abundant compassion, gentle nurturance, and graceful, capable guidance has helped me to develop the additional tools, courage and vision I’ll need to move to the next level of healing.” Counseling Client CI

“Erin’s compassionate approach provides a safe place for me to explore and get in touch with my unique needs and feelings. I began my work with Erin feeling a lot of social anxiety and shame. Her thoughtful guidance has allowed me to find acceptance, value, and trust in myself. I’m so grateful for the change that I’ve seen and how so many aspects of my life are richer because of it.”  Counseling Client CW

“I’ve worked with Erin for a number of years at Mental Health Partners and she’s my supervisor. Erin is a natural leader and supervisor. She develops and support employees in a way that meets each individual’s needs. I have appreciated Erin’s clinical direction and expertise as well as her thoughtful development and support in areas including case conceptualization, vicarious trauma, stress of the job, and administrative clarifications. Erin has a collaborative, direct, and educational supervisory style. She is approachable both to those she supervises and those she works for. Erin acts in a conscientious, non-defensive manner in order to understand and grow those around her as well as herself. Erin always acts with integrity and with a vision of what is best for individuals and the team. She looks at how her decisions will impact employees, the organization, and clients. She cares a lot about developing her supervisees and is always working to further improve their skills and opportunities. I highly recommend Erin for clinical and supervisory roles. ” Kristin L. 


“I started going to Erin for family counseling after a very difficult divorce. Initially I felt it was very important for my daughter to have a place where she could vent and work through any of the trauma from the divorce. After spending time working with Erin to realize that I still had many things to work through for myself. It is funny every once in awhile you will see Erin pause for a good amount of time before responding with what is always a well thought-out and extremely insightful response. Erin has been a joy to work with and I truly feel like I am in a better place because of the time I’ve spent with her.” Counseling & Core Client NF

“I would encourage anyone dealing with trauma, especially trauma rooted in sexual abuse or assault, to try working with Erin. She combines a gentle, affirming relationship to her clients with keen insight and excellent clinical skills. Whatever brings you to therapy, her strength and gentleness enables her to create and maintain the safe space so crucial in recovery from traumatic life events.” Colleague Jay W.

“I have been a colleague of Erin Hernandez for the last two years. Erin is an extremely thoughtful and compassionate clinician. She is skilled at building repor with a wide range of clients by genuinely listening to their concerns and skillfully building a therapeutic partnership with them. Erin is especially knowledgable and gifted in working with survivors of sexual assault. She is able to skillfully support her clients’ healing process through a blending of emotional support, therapeutic intervention, and psychoeducation. I would highly recommend Erin as either an individual therapist or as a group facilitator.” Colleague Paula S.

“Erin’s approach is both comforting and inspiring–it is transformational. She provides an incredibly safe space to address absolutely anything, and her manner is always authentic–she is uncompromisingly herself, and this, I felt invited me to be uncompromisingly myself. I initially came to Erin with a lot of fear and I longed to feel more confidence. The subtle shifts that have accumulated now feel huge. I am so grateful for her healing work.” Counseling Client HW

“When I arrived at my session with Erin, I didn’t have any specific bodily complaints, though I have been feeling a lot of sacral tenderness during my pregnancy.  We spent a good amount of time giving good attention to my sacrum, perineal floor, and pubic diaphragm… It was a really gentle and powerful session.  My takeaway when I left was hearing Erin’s reflection of my body’s pace in opening and closing, and being willing to be met by her and her work.  It felt so refreshing and validating to hear someone else voice this – with no judgement, simply recognition.  I feel like my session helped me to feel open, uplifted, and aligned in my body and my systems. I enjoyed the session tremendously.  I would highly recommend Core Synchronism with Erin, with her finely tuned listening skills, and her instinctive willingness to lead and follow the body, anyone who is lucky enough to be in her care is in good hands.” Core Synchronism Client JE


” I miss working with you so much, I really appreciate all the work you did with me and your patience and understanding. I have been meaning to get in touch since we moved. Anyway, just wanted to Hi and that I am very grateful for having had the opportunity to work with you! Even though I am not perfect, I am infinitely better than I used to be, and I think my mindset and mental state is better than it has ever been, I could not have done that without you or the person work you introduced me to. I just started tearing up as I wrote this because you really are so important to my healing journey. I love your niche of combing psychotherapy with core synchronism work, I only wish the best for you and your practice. ” Alex M.

“Erin was my first supervisor as an intern. At the time I was both thrilled and terrified to finally be doing the clinical work I had trained so hard for. Supervision with Erin offered to my experience a consistent quality of confidence grounded in clinical skill and knowledge. I so appreciated her thorough understanding of the administrative and legal, procedural side of the work of therapist. There is a steep learning curve when you are a new therapist and I felt like Erin was my climbing partner- holding the rope steady in case I fell, which I did! Erin’s support offered structure and feedback that allowed me to feel secure enough to have the space to learn and grow into my best therapist self.” Tracy Cobb

 “I’ve had countless sessions with you that have shifted my perspective and/or helped me heal at a certain time, but today felt profound and groundbreaking for me.Today I felt like the history of work we’ve done together gave me the head start I needed *before* I met with you, and then our session together helped me take the extra steps to resolve the pain and anxiety that was hanging on my mind and heart. I left our appointment feeling light- virtually free of the hurt I was carrying – refreshed and ready to take on the struggles I had been dealing with before we met. It felt new, and powerful. I owe so much to you, and I’m so grateful for your guidance.”  Counseling & Core Client CW

“I wasn’t sure what to expect from my first Core Synchronism session. I quickly felt relaxed though, and as the session progressed the sense of relaxation gradually deepened into a calm, quiet awareness. I felt deeply at peace and at home in my body. I told Erin after the session that it was like my relationship to my body had actually shifted. Even a week later I can still feel that difference, and it’s a little easier to hold the energy of strong emotions without identifying with it.” Core Synchronism Client JW

“I had a concussion about a year before I started seeing Erin and since I had felt cloudy and also had a slight bump on the back of my head. My friend had recommended Erin to me because Core Synchronism helps with concussions so I wanted to give it a try and tried going into it with an open mind and the intention to heal the wounds from my concussion. On my second session with Erin I treated myself to a birthday Core session and again tried going into it with an open mind and the intention to help heal my concussion. After the session I was talking to Erin about this pain I felt in the back of my head where my bump was and moved my head to my hand to feel where it was…. and I couldn’t find the bump. It was GONE. After two sessions of core synchronism with Erin the bump from my concussion that had been on the back of my head for a year was completely gone. I couldn’t believe it! Not only did she help address it, she helped completely heal it! Ever since I have felt more myself and a true believer in what she does! I am looking forward to my next session with her to continue this healing work! I like that there is a check in session before and after and I like how respectful she is of my needs and desires. The first session she did there wasn’t any talking but the second session she spoke of some signals she was receiving which were really helpful to me. I also love the essential oils that she uses. It takes the session to the next level! If you’re on the fence about going, take this as a sign to go and trust that it will be absolutely incredible. Erin is very intuitive and gifted at what she does and I can not recommend her enough”. ~ Core Synchronism Client SG