Yearnings of the Heart

Every heart has yearnings; and those yearnings are typically messy, Un-sophisticated, Un-wieldy and non-linear. Our hearts are full of poetry and when we live from the heart our life becomes poetry. Not buttoned-up, perfected, every thing in its place poetry; but our lives become the spontaneous, organic, dynamic, messy magic that poetry and heart are.

I see heart when I watch someone releasing their pain with loved ones. Allowing the tears to carry the weight of their pain out of their body. Shuddering, casting off the electric emotions, as they drain into the earth.

The yearning of the heart is felt. It’s the touch from a lover, a glance, a word. It’s a cuddle from an animal. It’s the magnetic force that pulls you toward an experience. It’s the satisfying movement of the body that nourishes and allows. It is connection with yourself, with nature, with animals, humans, the universe; with God.

Often we have learned how to restrict the yearnings of the heart. We have learned to distort them and change them so they fit neatly with other people’s experiences or demands.

Society has tried to domesticate us.

The journey back to your poetic life is learning to discern the hearts’ yearnings. To learn what it feels like in the body, mind, emotions and spirit. To learn the tastes, smells, colors and vibrations. To learn how to follow your yearnings, because they will not be linear. They will not “fit in” all the time. They will make you feel vulnerable and shaky. Do not be afraid of the heart…though it hurts…you will find the joy in a heart broken open.

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