Group Consultation

This group provides consultation through a somatic trauma & attachment lens. We cover:

  • Transference
  • Countertransference
  • Somatic trauma interventions
  • Polyvagal Theory
  • Managing a private practice i.e., quickbooks, taxes, EHR, building a schedule 
  • Documentation
  • Dissociation
  • Case consultations
  • Self-care/Community-care
  • Vicarious trauma

Cost: $85 per 90 minute group. We meet monthly on the first Wednesday of the month. Some somatic trauma and attachment training needed.

Consultation can be quite fun when a container of safety, curiosity and openness is held. I began cultivating these as a supervisor in the crisis office at Mental Health Partners.This background combined with my Sensorimotor Psychotherapy and Dynamic Attachment Reppatterning Experience (DARe) trainings, provide the lens from which I’ll facilitate.

Individual Consultation

I also provide individual consultation and cover the above topics. As we work together in this capacity, I offer two free between meeting 15 minute calls, up to twice a month.

Cost: $135 per 50 minute meeting

If you are interested in individual or group consultation, contact me at 720-443-0705 or I look forward to speaking with you!