Don’t Overlook the Dark In Search of the Light

In recent weeks the news and social media have been filled with the Supreme Court hearings and sexual assault news. I thought that I had “gotten past” my issues with sexual assault and that it wouldn’t upset me. I haven’t gotten overly stressed or upset to the point of not functioning, but it has brought up a couple of memories that I tried to forget.  This is a part of my life and includes information ….read on; illumination awaits….

How to Help Your Romantic Partner After Sexual Assault

My name is Erin and I’ve worked with survivors of sexual assault for over five years. I’v experienced sexual assault myself. I have told romantic partners about it, I have been believed and not believed. It is from these experiences that I write to you about helping your partner. Whether they are male or female, they need your support so much. We will talk about: safety, trauma, and a few tips to remember along the ….read on; illumination awaits….

Supporting Your Loved One Who Has Survived Sexual Assault

This blog is specifically for those who have someone in their life who has experienced sexual assault. Whether it be a sister, brother, lover, or friend, I will talk about some things to keep in mind that will allow you to be present for them during their pain. The key points I will be discussing are: your love for them, safety,  respecting their unique healing journey, reading/workshops, it’s not their fault. The first thing I’d ….read on; illumination awaits….