Being Big; Shifting from Painful to Powerful: Empowerment Series #3

What do I really mean by being Big? In #1 of this empowerment series I discussed why feeling small is painful. In comparison, expressing yourself fully and authentically feels Big. Actually it’s the full expression of who you are, but after years of holding back and doubting and being small; it feels vulnerable to be Big. Being Big is being able to take stock, in the moment, of emotions, sensations, wants, needs and to express ….read on; illumination awaits….

I’m Wounded, and That’s Okay: Empowerment Series #2

I was hiking today and no one was around. I was noticing my surroundings as I also noticed my thoughts. A thought came up about my attachment style. Recently, as I worked with my therapist, she used the term “ambivalent” attachment. Now, I know what that term means in my mind. I am trained in counseling and psychology. When I studied in school I gave higher or lesser values for the different attachment styles. I’ve ….read on; illumination awaits….

Why Feeling Small is Painful: Empowerment Series #1

One of my passions is working with men and women who say feeling small is painful and they are tired of this pattern; and are committed to making a shift to being bigger. My definition of being small includes: feeling like you need to shrink in large crowds, having trouble speaking your opinion, being easily swayed by someone else, feeling like you need to wrap up tightly and protect yourself when around other people that ….read on; illumination awaits….