What my work as a crisis counselor & supervisor has taught me blog series: #1

I began working as a crisis counselor after I graduated from my Masters’ program.This program did not teach me crisis counseling, but did prepare me with a strong foundation of being with people when they are in pain; which is a pretty strong foundation. So, I began this work open and ready to learn and grow. Because I was such a young clinician, this added to my foundation and  forever changed the way I will ….read on; illumination awaits….

You Remind Me of My Mother; The Importance of Clinical Supervision for Therapists

Sometimes in agencies, the managers and administrators  forget the poetry and delicacy of sharing intimate details with another human being. Supervision can become devoid of the human texture; the reality of the messiness of being human. When we hold the beautifully complicated therapeutic relationship with high integrity; we are able to be great therapists and help many people. There are a few components that are the fabric of comprehensive supervision: Trauma informed Transference Countertransference Skill ….read on; illumination awaits….

Embodied Soul

Blog #4 in my Therapeutic Development Series In my last blog, I described the practice of Core Synchronism and said that bridging this practice and counseling has birthed a new way of being and thinking for me. I call this new way embodied soul. I understand embodied soul as our spiritual experience within the physical body. This concept has become my new passion as well as a professional and personal curiosity. The more spiritual experiences ….read on; illumination awaits….

Core Synchronism and Beyond

Blog #3 in the Therapeutic Development series. This blog will be dedicated to explaining the practice of Core Synchronism. The website for Core Synchronism gives this simple definition, “ Core Synchronism is a system of hand medicine designed to assist nature in establishing harmony with all parts of the organism. It is not pathology specific. It is a mechanical system designed to restore balance, which results in activating an individual’s self-healing ability.” But what does ….read on; illumination awaits….

Awkward & Beautiful

Blog #2 in the Therapeutic Development Series In the last blog, I talked about a change that’s happening in my practice. The change is bridging bodywork and psychotherapy. I’m learning how to explain to people that if they’d like; I can help adjust their body….and their mind. That sounds really funny and really, It’s not like I’m doing the adjusting anyway. Something that both Core Synchronism and therapy have in common, is the person needs ….read on; illumination awaits….

Change is a Happenin’

Blog #1 in the Therapeutic Development Series. There’s a change happening in my practice. It started when I noticed that I wanted to learn how to therapeutically touch clients. My being started telling me that some people need touch to heal; that some people need talk and touch. At the same time, I was getting body work that catalyzed my ability to heal. It was about 6 months into receiving my first Core Synchronism session ….read on; illumination awaits….