What my work as a crisis counselor & supervisor has taught me blog series: #2

The office I worked for has no limitations for ability to pay, so we often served individuals that were on the lower scale of economic income, homeless individuals and people who have experienced societal and systemic oppression.¬†So what happens when psychotherapists or social workers meet with people who are suffering and in crisis? What happens when they do this day in and day out? When professionals are in the role of helper, often they experience ….read on; illumination awaits….

You Remind Me of My Mother; The Importance of Clinical Supervision for Therapists

Sometimes in agencies, the managers and administrators ¬†forget the poetry and delicacy of sharing intimate details with another human being. Supervision can become devoid of the human texture; the reality of the messiness of being human. When we hold the beautifully complicated therapeutic relationship with high integrity; we are able to be great therapists and help many people. There are a few components that are the fabric of comprehensive supervision: Trauma informed Transference Countertransference Skill ….read on; illumination awaits….