Core Synchronism and Beyond

Blog #3 in the Therapeutic Development series.

This blog will be dedicated to explaining the practice of Core Synchronism. The website for Core Synchronism gives this simple definition, “ Core Synchronism is a system of hand medicine designed to assist nature in establishing harmony with all parts of the organism. It is not pathology specific.

It is a mechanical system designed to restore balance, which results in activating an individual’s self-healing ability.” But what does that really mean? What does the practitioner do? What does the client do? How is health brought back to the body? I will try to explain this from the new and growing, knowledge I have of Core. As I continue to grow, learn and change, I will post and meet with clients in person. I will always provide any knowledge I have of what occurs during healing sessions.

Definition of Core

Core Synchronism works with many of the systems in the body; bones, organs, tissue, fascia, chakras, nervous system and even etheric or auric systems. I am trained in level 1 and will speak mainly to this level, as this is where my knowledge lies. What I have learned from my teacher, is that when we are born the cerebrospinal fluid flows through the body and creates an original blueprint for optimal functioning of every system I named above. The cerebrospinal fluid within the spine is what this practice calls the core current. The core current is the main focus of the healing practice, because the practitioners believe that healing and synchronism of these systems relies on the core current and its’ optimal functioning with all systems in the body. In this practice, when one of the systems is out of sync with the Core, pain, inflammation or dis-ease arises. Let’s look at the bone system in the body.The bones in the body subtly move with the flow of the core current. Sometimes, a bone stops moving and is frozen, pops out of place slightly while still moving; and there are still more ways of becoming out of synch with the Core.

What the Practitioners Does

What a practitioner, like myself, will do when you lie down on the table; is to feel how the Core is moving and help it to flow as smoothly and fully as possible. All we have to do is notice the imbalance and the body notices the awareness brought to the dis-synchronization and will begin to correct itself.

When I sit with a client, in my mind, I ask the question “What does this person need?” Sometimes a specific part of the body pops into my mind or the client has told me they have pain or discomfort in a specific part of the body. Sometimes a word or phrase comes to my mind and I share this with the client. Often, these words and phrases have a profound impact on the client. I notice that when I am in contact with a persons core current, it feels as though I am in contact with their essential nature, who they truly are beyond the ego or structures of the mind. I am experiencing their soul (life force, higher self, inner self). And the soul wants to be heard and express itself through the body and being. In my opinion, that is why when awareness is brought to dis-synchronization, the Core starts to re-synchronize and heal itself.

In Core Synchronism, the practitioners are taught not to think of themselves as healers. I think we are taught this because of my belief stated above; the body knows the healing it needs and when loving, skilled awareness is brought to it, it wants to move in the healing direction and does so. One caveat to just anyone assisting the body in healing; Core Synchronism practitioners are taught how the different systems are supposed to flow in sync with the core current and the founder calls practitioners “fluid mechanics.” If someone wishes to assist in another’s healing, they need to know how the systems sync with the core current, otherwise the body will not respond. So, practitioners are not doing the healing, but we must know how the systems respond and move with the Core, for the client to heal themselves. Now, this covers a lot of what the practitioner does and how the core current responds to that, but what is the client doing during a session?

The client is fully clothed and lies down on a massage table. We begin the session with the client facing up. Clients will usually move to their side while the practitioners syncs the different bones in the body to each other and to the Core. Clients may feel very relaxed and even fall asleep. The practice is no less effective if the client falls asleep. The core current will continue to respond to the practitioners awareness brought to the different systems in the body. The client is welcome to speak to the practitioner during treatments, or is welcome to remain silent and enjoy the experience in silence. When I have received Core Synchronism treatments, I often talk to the practitioner. I share emotions and sensations that arise and it allows me to feel more connected to the practitioner, which is important to me as a client.

Core is a beautiful healing practice. What I have noticed in myself and have been taught; is that when the systems in the body (including etheric and auric systems)are in synch, this relieves emotional, psychological and physical traumas. This is why Core Synchronism is such a natural fit with counseling. This is why I’m so excited to dive into these two practices and bridge the two worlds.

By bridging these two practices, I have stumbled on a new way of being in the world and assisting clients in embodying their soul. I will be sharing new ways, practices, intentions and paradigms in the coming weeks on embodied soul and embodying the soul. First I’ll explain deeper, just what embodied soul is to me, then we can go into practices, paradigms, intentions and tools.

You can keep up with the announcements on my business Facebook page, Luminous Ground Counseling. Until then, be well and I invite you to enjoy this life you are livin’!



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