Falling Into You: The Pull Inward As the Days Grow Darker

As the weather starts getting chilly and the days start getting darker, I feel a shift in myself. There is an intrinsic shift from focusing my energy outward to focusing my psychic energy inward. It seems to me, that the energy of spring is one of celebration and outward expression. Most people start to go outside more and spend days in the sun,  in the water, on beaches and mountains. We have more contact with others; strangers and loved ones alike. We also have more contact with other sentient beings like animals and plants. Flowers and plants are blooming and growing. New animals are born. We plant gardens and feed ourselves with the bounty we or others cultivate. We feed ourselves with connection of a mostly outward energy.

In fall, we begin to reap the end of our crops and consolidate by canning, storing and stocking away for the winter. Our bodies start to become quieter as the days become darker. Our energy calms. The overall energetic pattern becomes one of conserving and nurturing. We add layers of clothing and drink warm drinks. We may gain a little weight as we eat the hearty vegetables of winter and our bodies strive to keep heat in. Our psyche turns inward too, to see what rests under the layers; under what we have gathered all year long and are storing for winter. What relationship dynamics are we cuddled up to? This is quite a natural process.

What a wonderful opportunity to go with the flow, honoring this transition; diving in to our internal selves. We are diving into the fire within. The fire that fuels our very being and the way we exist in this world. When we embrace the exploration of our internal fire, we are stoking that fire and finding out what makes it burn brighter.

I find the more in tune with my emotional, physical and psychic rhythms I become, the easier I can notice when the shifting starts. I am also able to take the opportunity and explore where the shift is taking me. What dynamics in my life would benefit from exploration? What am I wanting to change? What am I growing out of? What is my particular passion in this moment and how am I feeding it? What am I dreaming of; literally and figuratively?

So, the question is, how do you take advantage of this cycle? How do you turn consciously in? Well, people do it differently and you can always do it in more than one way. It is great and fun to do many things. Journaling, therapy, meditation, yoga, thai chi, spiritual counseling, dream work, energy medicine, core synchronism, intuitive readings. I have used many, not all of these.

I think the most important thing is that you are able to slow down and allow your awareness and attention to go inward. To notice what your internal experience is; your thoughts, sensations, emotions, feelings. You can go inward with any of the above things and there are many more tools than I named above. Each person is unique and I am confident that when you find it you will absolutely know. You will feel it. Really, you will feel you.

What a special time of year to delve deep. If you are interested in exploring your internal fire, contact me for a free 15 minute phone consultation. Start your journey now, there has never been a better time. You are so worth it.



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