Supervision for Psychotherapists

Assisting people on their journey to health & wellness can be fun, fulfilling, joyful and up-lifting. What we can sometimes be unprepared for is how other peoples’ pain can trigger our own; or what to do when someone is feeling overwhelmed when they are with us. Not only are we vehicles for love and light, but we have our own internal processes that we bring to our work; I help you shine a light on how your process affects your clients.


What I Offer: 

  • Trauma informed supervision & vicarious trauma psycho-education
  • Technique and style development, including:
    • body based visualization & guided meditation
    • grounding techniques
    • integrating spirituality
  • Between meetings phone support
  • Monthly group supervision
  • Supplemental support for people that have great support in their company or business, but need a little extra
  • Private practice development:
    • forms
    • DORA help
    • malpractice insurance
    • ongoing supervision
    • online scheduling set-up


What You’ll Gain:

  • Understand your own personal signs and symptoms of vicarious trauma. You learn  how to prevent and move through the symptoms when they arise. You will understand how this process relates to  your life purpose; you’ll get clear with your life obstacles and how vicarious trauma plays into that.
  • Guide clients back to the present when overwhelmed, numbed, scattered, etc. Fine tune your ability to use external and internal grounding techniques with clients. Grow expertise in tracking emotional and biological arousal states and the appropriate interventions. Master the finesse of  tracking the difference between a clients’ truth and their wounds or triggers.
  • Specialize in the importance of our bodies as vehicles for spirit; how to invite the spirit back into the body. Know when visualization and guided meditations are not the best intervention and why.  Enhance your ability to use therapeutic techniques as if they are second nature.
  • Find your right clients. Discover your unique talents and expound upon them. Yes, therapists can leave school with a foundation of knowledge that they learn and can use with clients…but here’s the thing, you will uniquely use these gifts and clients will benefit if you are authentic and able to show up as who you are.


  • $100 per 50 minute session
  • Free between session 15 minute calls (2 per month)
  • $45 group supervision

“I have appreciated Erin’s clinical direction and expertise as well as her thoughtful development and support in areas including case conceptualization, vicarious trauma, stress of the job, and administrative clarifications. Erin has a collaborative, direct, and educational supervisory style. She is approachable both to those she supervises and those she works for.” Kristin L.

“Erin Hernandez is a clinician who supervises with a brilliant balance of heart-centered analysis. Grounded in love with an ever-present radar for mindful intervention, Erin excels at helping new clinicians to grow their own expertise through engagement that is marked by organic leadership. As a crisis clinician, I was reluctant to express my needs for managing and recovering from vicarious trauma. While the process of exploring some of the more difficult edges of my professional boundaries was uncomfortable, Erin intervened with helpful information and exercises that exploited my love of learning while rooting our work together in the strong and easy rapport that she had already cultivated. In my experience, Erin is a conscientious gardener of the soul. I’ve been blessed with a few truly magnificent clinical supervisors and Erin is the one I think of when I need to nurture the tenderness of my clinical heart.” Beit Gorski

I would love to speak with you to see if we are a good fit! I offer a free 15 minute phone consult to explore your needs.