Radical Self-Care for Therapists, Healers & Helpers: Focusing on Preventing & Mitigating Burnout

What It Is:

  • 12 weeks to allow for depth of process & connection to self & other
  • Format includes grounding to begin, check-ins & homework discussion, exercises to feel what we are learning
  • Topics covered: Vicarious trauma, boundaries (energetic & physical), Community, Personal history & triggers brought to sessions (countertransference), Social engagement nervous system, The heart of self-care; self-love, Embodiment, and more!
  • Homework to deepen and awareness and practical tools learned

What You’ll Gain

  • Increased awareness of subtle nervous system shifts & enhanced ability to regulate these shifts
  • Strengthen ability to communicate and invite community regarding  nervous system & self-care needs
  • Learn the difference between self-protection and boundaries
  • Build community within an integrated group of healing professionals
  • Have fun while building, toning and strengthening your social engagement nervous system; the system that allows you to stay balanced and nourished while serving your clients
  • Experience your nourishment barriers & increase self-love through safe and fun experiential exercises


Tuesdays, March 19th-June 4th 5:30-7:30pm


HoloBeing Wellness Center

3008 Folsom St. Boulder, CO 80303

entrance to this center is at the back of the building, facing away from the street. Park in the parking lot behind the building. There is a door off of the Folsom St., but it is locked and not used as an entrance.


$35 per group


♥Your Facilitator, Erin Hernandez ♥

I have worked as a supervisor for Mental Health Partners in Boulder, in the crisis intervention services office. There, I provided clinical supervision to crisis counselors. From this role, I gained a deep respect for care of the self and a working knowledge of vicarious trauma. This began my  journey in supporting healers and helpers of all kinds. I’ve been referred to by supervisees as a, “a conscientious gardener of the soul.” ~Beit Gorski

I have continued to study Polyvagal theory as it informs nervous system regulation; and am delighted to provide a neurobiologically informed self-care group. It isn’t required that participants have a knowledge of this system. Our time honored systems of yoga have proved that this theory only brings to light years of practical knowledge, only now being proved scientifically. So, the science is just a fun underpinning of this group; practitioners need not learn difficult and encumbering language and techniques to enhance their self care. I have  continued to work with healers in  private practice, providing supervision and consultation; and loves helping others nurture their inner light.


What People Are Saying

“Erin Hernandez is a clinician who supervises with a brilliant balance of heart-centered analysis. Grounded in love with an ever-present radar for mindful intervention, Erin excels at helping new clinicians to grow their own expertise through engagement that is marked by organic leadership. As a crisis clinician, I was reluctant to express my needs for managing and recovering from vicarious trauma. While the process of exploring some of the more difficult edges of my professional boundaries was uncomfortable, Erin intervened with helpful information and exercises that exploited my love of learning while rooting our work together in the strong and easy rapport that she had already cultivated. In my experience, Erin is a conscientious gardener of the soul. I’ve been blessed with a few truly magnificent clinical supervisors and Erin is the one I think of when I need to nurture the tenderness of my clinical heart.” ~Beit Gorski


Are you ready for some nourishment and connection?