Embodied Spirituality: 10 Week Trauma-Informed Psychotherapy Group


What It Is:

  • 10 weeks
  • Each group begins with check-ins & a grounding/centering exercise
  • Weekly topics include: spirituality, embodiment, shame, trauma, self-compassion, self-worth, relationships
  • Dialogue to share personal attitudes, emotions, beliefs, wounds, pain & community/relationship building
  • Embodied practices and exercises for each weekly topic
  • Homework will include mind, body, spirit exercises & journaling

What you’ll Gain:

  • Increased self-worth
  • Less thinking, more being in everyday activities
  • More joy in the present moment
  • Getting acquainted with your unique spirituality & how this relates to your body
  • Building community around spirituality
  • Education about what spiritual bypassing looks like & why it can keep us stuck
  • Awareness about physical & energetic “blocks” that keep you from taking up space in your body
  • Practical tools to work through blocks and fill your vehicle (your body) with light & love (your true self, spirit, soul, energy)


Wednesdays, March 27th-May 29th 5:30-7:30pm


HoloBeing Wellness Center

3008 Folsom St. Boulder, CO 80304


$50 per group


♥ Your facilitators, Danielle & Erin ♥

Hi there, we’re Danielle Weiss and Erin Hernandez. We believe that our bodies are our vehicle for spirit; and while we are not only our bodies, it’s a tool we have for personal & spiritual transformation.

As a child, Danielle was drawn to spirituality through amazement with nature. In adulthood,  she developed  natural spiritual inclinations through studying modern day spiritual teachers, becoming a yoga teacher, and staying on the path of her own personal healing and growth. Her inherent love for people, healing, and spirituality led her to become a therapist, as well as to delve into the practice of mindfulness and meditation. Her passions include teaching and practicing yoga, guiding others to expand awareness and presence, and creating space for the experience of embodiment – living life in your body.

Erin realized through her own therapy, yoga & meditation practices that she struggled to inhabit her body fully. As an adult, she never realized just how much physical and energetic space she could take up. Through trauma based therapy, Core Synchronism and yoga, she has learned how to fill her vehicle with grounded light; her soul. She is passionate about loving humans for their imperfections and helping others find their true soulfulness.


Are you ready to embody your unique soulfulness?

  • Click the button below to schedule a 20 minute phone intake to answer questions, make sure the group is a right fit and get ready to get started! Either Danielle or Erin will call you with phone number you provide at the time you schedule. Use HoloBeing Wellness Center as the location, though it will be a phone call.
  • After the phone intake we’ll email you the required paperwork to fill out for the group, which you can sign online; it’s super easy!