Creating Community; A Life Well Lived

What It Is:

  • Ongoing group, meets bi-weekly; stay as long as you like
    • every 3 months the group “opens” to allow members to leave and others to join
  • A group that creates community for support and life guidance for living well from our hearts 
  • 8-10 people at any time
  • This will not be a therapy group. I will be facilitating, but it will be focused on different aspects of living well in community and will not be therapy intensive
  • Meeting bi-weekly, Thursdays Mountain Standard Time evenings from 5:30-7:30pm. I am open to adjusting the time depending on who is in group and the time zone for your part of the world
  • Here are some topics that I will cover and we can discuss as a group: 
    • Attachment
    • Trauma
    • Relationships (to earth & environment, other people, to self)
    • Spirituality Embodied
    • Listening to the wisdom of the body
    • Meditation & Guided Imagery
    • Community Support
  • As the group grows in cohesion, I would love to gather in person for weekend retreats where we nourish one another with stories, food, outdoor and connection. There is a place close to me that is a large Airbnb and I am open to meeting in other parts of the world where we can gather and deepen the community

Why People Want To Join:

  • Learn how to lean in to & create community
  • Explore community care & self care and the ways they compliment one another
  • Develop a connection with your heart, body & soul and connect with the hearts’ of others in the community


Wednesdays, bi-weekly, ongoing, 5:30-7:30MST, every 3 months group “opens” to allow members to leave & others to join




$40 per community meeting with option to pay for three months at time for convenience

♥ Your facilitator Erin ♥

Hi there, I’m Erin Hernandez, your community facilitator and container holder. The time for rugged western individuality is coming to an end. The times of community care, connection and community building are right around the corner. Many of our foremothers and fathers knew the importance of community and living in tune with the lands they were on. Over time, our western valuing of money over connection, greed and colonialism have vanquished our local, small communities. Our hearts know the way and through my own practice of heart centered meditation, body centered healing practices and community connection, I am ready to nestle into a community with those like-hearted folks.

I am a bi-ethnic woman, my father is Latino with roots from Colorado, New Mexico, Mexico and Spain. My mother is White with roots from the Deep South, Ireland and the UK. My name is a beautiful representation of me; Erin is a poet name for Ireland and Hernandez is a traditional Latino name. I identify as cisgender female with light-skinned privilege. My father’s side of the family experienced linguicide (death of a language for political or social reasons) and I am currently learning the language (and battling my shame) of my blood relatives before White Supremacy and English Language Supremacy bullied them into being monolingual English speakers.

I enjoy connecting with other humans, the land on which I currently live, and friendly animals. You can read more about my education and background on my about page.

Connect with me to see if this community is right for you

  • Click the button below to schedule a 15 minute chat to answer questions, make sure the group is a right fit and get ready to get started!
  • All required paperwork and registration fees are easily filled out online and I will set that up for you if you decide to join.
  • Gender queer, gender non-conforming, LGBTQIA, women of color and all those who identify as female are welcome and celebrated.